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  A.  Background

The Investment Division was set-up in 2006 to manage and administer investments and related matters under the purview of the Ministry of Finance. The primary role of the Division is to manage the Sustainability Fund, a Government Trust Fund and 3 Trust Sub-Funds namely the Fiscal Stabilisation Reserve Fund, Retirement Fund and Strategic Development Capital Fund. The Division is responsible to carry out the objectives of the Sustainability Fund and the 3 Trust Sub-Funds pursuant to the Sustainability Fund Act (Chapter 208, laws of Brunei), which is to ensure the long-term sustainability of the finances of the Government, through diversification of investments and making strategic investments to generate economic growth of the country. For further information, please refer to Summary of Sustainability Fund.


  B.  Vision

English Malay
Achieving sustainable Investment for long-term stability. Mencapai pelaburan yang mampan bagi kestabilan dalam jangka masa panjang.


  C.  Mission

English Malay
To make effective and strategic investments; Menghasilkan pelaburan yang berkesan dan strategik;
To manage investments to meet liabilities; Mentadbir pelaburan dengan efektif bagi memenuhi keperluan;
To establish a robust funding model; and Mewujudkan Modal pembiayaan yang teguh; dan
To provide strategic risk capital to support economic diversification. Memperuntukkan modal risiko strategik kepada kepelbagaian ekonomi.


  D.  Core Values

    • Integrity / Amanah

    • Never give-up / Tidak berputus asa

    • Visionary / Berwawasan

    • Excellence / Cemerlang

    • Skilled / Berkebolehan

    • Teamwork / Bekerja berpasukan